What are Enso Rings? Enso Rings are some of the safest, most versatile silicone wedding bands on the planet!  If you have an active lifestyle, or if you work with your hands for a living, then you know traditional metal bands

Home Wraps & Enhancers Wraps & Enhancers Diamond wraps and enhancers come in an array of styles. Maybe you want a ring that wraps around your solitaire to create an impressive engagement ring. Or you may decide your solitaire would

Women’s Wedding Rings Choose from classic, diamond eternity, hand-detailed or diamond wedding rings. Men’s Wedding Rings Select from the finest platinum, gold, tungsten, and palladium wedding bands. Diamond Rings Look for a scintillating diamond ring that complements your timeless style.

Harry Potter Engagement Ring Like her, the Snitch is hard to catch and offers a huge reward. Whether you’re ready to pop the question or you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that’s simply stunning and unlike any other, this

Country & Western Rings It’s a time. It’s a place. It’s a state of mind. And it’s here at Titanium-Buzz. There’s nothing else in the world like the sense of freedom and adventure that will always be a part of

A rose is a traditional symbol of romantic love, one which almost every woman can appreciate.  But not all roses can last forever. Instead of buying her a dozen red roses, present her with a single rose in gold or

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