Opal Engagement Ring? by Rose (Sacramneto, CA, USA) My son’s fiancee has some opal stones from her grandmother, and she wants to have them mounted into an engagement ring with diamond accents on it and purchase a wedding band to

APRIL 20th The Wedding Ring – Brief History Leave a reply The wedding ring has a long and rich history. The Egyptians are credited for beginning the tradition of the wedding ring around 3,000 BC when an Egyptian Pharaoh gave

Meteorite RingsMeteorite rings are unique and instantly add a sense of style and individuality to your jewelry collection. Meteorite is stellar (pun intended) alone, but also makes for a beautiful inlay in gold, silver, and titanium rings. Our stardust meteorite

Stacked wedding rings have been gracing the ring fingers of stylish brides (and non-brides) for years, but we’re just now really catching on to the trend. There are so many ways you can wear stacked wedding rings: You can wear

Cubic Zirconia Engagement RingsAh, the engagement ring. Where does one begin? The process of shopping for a wedding ring can be both exciting and overwhelming. The details of deciding on color, cut, shape, and design can get confusing. On top

Master Craftsmanship Sapphire Studios specialise in design, manufacture and creating collections using the finest materials. From the very beginning our vision has been to create jewellery that is uniquely different but still luxurious and beautiful, the perfect balance between the