Outside the United States, single-ring weddings with only the bride wearing the wedding ring are common. In several European nations, e. g. the Nordic countries, it is common to exchange plain engagement rings of the same form for both sexes,

Ruby Rubies have been treasured for thousands of years, and continue to be objects of desire. The ancients thought the ruby's glowing red color was due to an inextinguishable inner fire, forever associating ruby with courage and power. With their

Wedding Rings and Bands for MenFind traditional sterling silver, platinum, and gold wedding bands – or shop stylish stainless steel, tungsten, titanium, and cobalt wedding rings that convey the essence of fashion. No matter which band you choose, you can

Your New Favorite Trophy: Antler Rings Take a break from the basic with Titanium-Buzz’s awesome antler rings. Much like your most prized trophies, these outside-the-box antler rings are a symbol of your favorite pastime. They’re loaded with all the elements

Engagement Rings in Pink and Rose Gold A rose gold engagement ring makes an extraordinary statement. Rose gold is in style and its popularity is still on the rise. With a stunning pink-gold color that emerges thanks to a mixture

Not all registries are created equal—and if anything proves that brick and mortar locations are overrated, then it’s Amazon’s wedding registry. Existing exclusively online, the Amazon registry is known for its ease of use, massive product selection and “universal features.”

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