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Here’s some questions to ask yourself men, in order to decide what to get: 1) Does she like jewelry, or will she even wear it? We’re stating the obvious here, but it’s important. This question alone weeds out all the girls that say $100 ring is fine, diamonds are just a marketing ploy, or just simply don’t care or wear jewelry for a multitude of reasons. Maybe they’re super active and a ring will sit in the drawer most days, for example. If your girl fits one of these categories, you actually may offend her by buying a nice ring. 2) When it comes to what she wears, what’s most important to her? Some girls love shoes, some love cloths, some love accessories, etc. If she has a few nice accessories that she loves to death and wears everyday, then a ring is likely very important to her. In contrast, if she’s all about the shoes, then save on the ring cause you’re going to need the money later. If she loves all those things, then you may just want to reconsider (partially kidding). 3) Does the status of the ring matter within your inner and outer circle? This could apply to a lot of things, but you’re marrying the family, too. And it shouldn’t matter, but the ring does make an impression. It’s going to be better for everyone if she’s proud to show off the ring to family and friends. A second major area this may matter is work. 4) Does your bride-to-be work in a highly professional environment? This is going to sound petty, but an inadequate ring within her social hierarchy at work may actually have a negative impact on her career. I nicer ring subconsciously makes people think you’re successful. This whole idea may seem outlandish if you’ve never worked in this type of environment, but I can somewhat sickeningly confirm that status symbols mean a lot to people in business/law/etc. 5) What does the ring mean to you? Perhaps you haven’t even thought to ask yourself what ring you chose means to you. Is it a source of pride, or just an object? If you’re going to get a sense of satisfaction when you see the ring potentially everyday for the rest of your life, then the ring have more emotional value tied to it than you may have originally considered. In conclusion, she may like jewelry, especially accessories, professional job, and you take personal pride in the ring you want to give her. Or jewelry isn’t particularly her thing, her family doesn’t care about status, and you both would gain more satisfaction spending the money on shared experiences than an object. There’s nothing right or wrong with either of these scenarios, people are just different.
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When my now-fiance proposed over a year ago, he used a ring that I had recently bought for myself, and I was thrilled. I adore jewelry, and my future husband knows me well enough to know that I’d want to have a say in what ring I’d be wearing every day for the rest of my life. So in lieu of an expensive engagement ring, I’m wearing a ring of sterling silver and lab-created white sapphire (which looks like a diamond) that cost me about $45 at my local Sears. Everybody comments on how beautiful it is. They don’t need to know it’s not a mined diamond! While I do want a fancy-schmancy and somewhat expensive ring on my finger eventually, I don’t expect for my future hubby to pay for my ring by himself. We decided to save up TOGETHER to pay for it and get it for our first anniversary. We agreed that there are more important things for us to put our money towards right now, like our wedding, a savings fund, and a down payment on a house. The bottom line is that a woman shouldn’t marry a man based on his ability to buy her an expensive ring. She should marry a man based on his level of commitment to her, and that isn’t indicated by the cost of her engagement ring.
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Ready to put a ring on it? When you’re ready to take your commitment to the next level, you’ll want to make sure to get it right with the perfect ring and an amazing, heartfelt proposal. After all, this is the moment she’s been dreaming of since she was a little girl. At first glance, buying an engagement ring may not seem all that difficult. Simply find a jewelry store and remember to bring your wallet, right? But as you stare at the rows of rings in different shapes, sizes and prices (and don’t even get us started on the 4Cs!), you may find that a little research goes a long way when it comes to choosing and deciding how much to spend on an engagement ring. Here, we’ll take a look at the average engagement ring cost in 2016, cut through the myths surrounding how much to spend on an engagement ring, and highlight the factors to consider when selecting the best ring for your partner and your budget.
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I can understand where the 2 months pay “rule” came from. Traditionally, the bride and her family paid for the majority of the wedding, so because the groom’s family didn’t have to spend as much money as the bride’s, it wasn’t unreasonable for the rings to be so expensive. But these days, it seems far more common for couples to pay for their own weddings (which is the case for me), and couples are living together and sharing finances before even getting engaged (again my case). So the cost of the ring is actually coming out of the couple’s adjoined pockets. If my fiance had gone out and spent a couple thousand dollars on a ring, I might have wrung his neck. Couples should make decisions on large financial purchases together. Sure, it takes away the element of surprise. But when it comes to money spent, surprises aren’t always good. If you want the proposal to be a surprise, take a note from “Knocked Up” and propose with an empty ring box and a promise to buy a ring in the future. Then if she says no, you’re not actually out an money. =) Or just buy an inexpensive ring at a department store jewelry counter and tell her you can pick out a nice ring together within a set budget. If a girl is going to get angry about not having a super pricey ring with the proposal, are you sure you want to marry her in the first place?
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I’m shaking my head in discontent as I read through some of these comments. As a 22 year old single woman, I understand the desire to plan a lavish and meaningful, well-thought out wedding. Just like many others, I’ve dreamed of a beautiful wedding day my entire life. With that, comes an engagement ring. I would hope that you have all understood what cost goes into a ring. I’m not talking about how much your man should be expected to pay, but rather, what the ring has cost prior to ever being placed on your finger. The blood diamond trade is ravishing right now and it is nearly impossible to tell what is coming from where by the time it even gets placed in a jewelers hands. I couldn’t stomach having a symbol of broken families, tortured humans and death on my finger. Nothing about that screams “WAHOO, I’M GETTING MARRIED!!” to me. To be honest, the circle is what is most important. It’s the sign of eternity… a never ending circle, which is what marriage is meant to be after all. It’s a promise, unending, as well as a reminder of the vows you take to love and cherish one another (not a piece of jewelry. It’s not about the wedding… it’s about the marriage. Plenty of beautiful gem stones can be set in recycled golds, cutting down on support of the blood trade as well as refinery and pollution. If we don’t stop arguing for our selfishness, we’re never going to get anywhere as a human race. It’s time to start thinking about the importance in everything instead of the importance of things.
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My SO and I went ring shopping the other day. He makes over 6figs a year and drives a nice car – it’s a little older, but it’s still a luxury sports convertible. I was annoyed when he gawked at the 6k ring I had initially wanted to get a few months before, so when we went shopping together recently, I looked at all rings ignoring the price. That said, the one I fell in love with was only about 4k, closer to 3k when the shopkeeper gave us a discount for him buying it on the spot (which was actually about the price he wanted to pay, conveniently enough for him). I love antique rings, and this one was 1920s platinum and had a very unique design with a lot of filigree. The largest diamond was only around .57 carats with .24 carats worth of accent diamonds, and it didn’t have any other stones on it, like I had previously wanted, but I don’t know. For some reason it struck me. There was a similar ring for 14k, that I was leaning towards, but honestly I genuinely liked the other, smaller one better, and the 14k one, while it had a larger diamond, didn’t have the character and detailed filigree of the other one. So much to my own annoyance… because I really wanted to make him stretch a bit more with the pricing, we fell within his budget and I got a ring I wanted. Hopefully I still love it whenever it is he asks me to propose. But also, at the end of the day, we are a partnership. Money that he spends on a ring doesn’t go to other places that would benefit our general health more, like a remodeled kitchen or master bath, or even our wedding. Also, we like to travel and hike, and and I am generally quite good at losing/destroying things, so while I don’t plan on having anything happen to my ring, I’d rather wear something that won’t be the equivalent of totaling a car.

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