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Vintage-inspired engagement rings are great for women who are passionate about history, vintage fashion, or architecture. Looking at your girlfriend’s wardrobe or her home decor can help determine what era of vintage-inspired jewelry she might like. Popular terms to search for as you look for vintage-inspired or antique-style rings might include Art Deco, Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Nouveau. We’ve chosen three beautiful rings to highlight below that highlight several different styles of vintage-inspired rings. If you want to see more options, you can browse more vintage-style rings on sale here.
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Non-traditional wedding rings can take many forms. They might feature a colorful gemstone, or an unusual decoration on the band. Heck, we’ve even seen some gorgeous engagement rings with skull accents. If your partner is unique, she might appreciate a ring that’s as one-of-a-kind as she is. We’ve rounded up some fun, atypical engagement rings that will appeal to women who want something unexpected. Because there are endless options when you search for a non-traditional ring, you may also want to browse more non-traditional engagement rings here.
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According to WeddingWire’s 2015 Newlywed Report, the average man spends about $5,000 on an engagement ring, and just under 50 percent of those surveyed adhered to the “two months salary” rule. All of the best cheap engagement rings featured below cost much less than the average guy is prepared to spend. Read on to see our top picks for budget-conscious couples in search of an engagement ring. We’ve highlighted a total of five cheap rings in this section, as opposed to three rings in all the other sections. That way, you’ve got lots of affordable options to choose from. You can also browse other cheap rings on sale here.
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Round brilliant diamonds are stable in shape, and generally considered to be one of the least likely diamond cuts to fall out of a setting. This is a classic shape that can be featured in lots of different settings. It’s also a shape that’s fairly easy to match with wedding rings. It’s also a shape that’s perfect for those looking for an inexpensive ring. We’ve highlighted three of our favorite round brilliant diamond rings below, but you can also browse more rings in this style here.
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Totally overwhelmed by the high cost of diamond engagement rings? Depending on the woman you’re shopping for, you may want to consider a ring that had a band of real gold, but a cubic zirconia stone instead of a diamond. Synthetic zirconia has the look of a diamond, but costs a fraction of what you’d pay for a diamond of comparable size. While cubic zirconia isn’t the right choice for every bride, it may be the best choice for promise rings, or for engagement rings for couples who just can’t wait to get engaged. When presenting a cubic zirconia ring, we advise being honest. Tell her something like, “This ring doesn’t have a real diamond, but someday I want to get you an anniversary ring with real diamonds that will put this ring to shame.” If money is tight, or you just don’t have time to save up for a more expensive ring before popping the question, this style of ring may work for you. Just make sure you are upfront about the ring’s materials, and don’t try to pass off zirconia as a more expensive gemstone. If she finds out down the line, she may be upset.
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Vintage-inspired rings are styled after jewelry trends from years gone by. Want some examples? Check out the jewelry in the video above, which showcases 100 years of engagement ring styles. To modern eyes, many vintage rings stand out because they have a shape that’s somewhat unusual, or because the band has added details that set it apart from the rings you’d see in today’s stores. A ring with a vintage or antique look is ideal for a unique woman who wants to stand out from the crowd.
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Yellow diamonds are also sometimes called canary diamonds. Yellow diamonds have a luxurious, vintage look, making them highly prized by the rich and famous. Celebs with yellow engagement rings include Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Heidi Klum. We’ve selected several great yellow diamond rings to highlight below, but you can also browse more yellow diamond rings on sale here.
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The cushion cut is a square cut diamond with rounded corners. This cut is sometimes referred to as an “old mine cut” diamond. This is a traditional diamond cut, making it perfect for women who want a ring with an antique look. Modern cutting techniques have made slight improvements to the fire of the cushion cut, giving it more sparkle than was possible in centuries past. Because of this vintage and antique-y feel, cushion cut rings can be quite expensive. They’re well suited to luxurious rings that are designed to take her breath away. We’ve rounded up our three favorite cushion cut engagement ring styles below. You can browse additional rings in this style here.
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Each section of our list focuses on a special type of engagement ring, with three of our favorite options in that style per section. We’ll be adding even more beautiful rings to our list as the year goes on, to feel free to bookmark this page and check back periodically to see what’s new. Whether you’re just starting your hunt for the perfect engagement ring, or starting to narrow down your search to a particular style of ring, our guide can help you find a ring that will make her say, “Yes!” Read on to see our favorite rings in a variety of styles. And if you want to start planning ahead for what comes after the proposal, you can also read our guide to the best wedding bands for men and women.
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Want to make sure the wedding band you select perfectly complements the shine of the engagement ring? Buying two rings together in a set can save you time and money, and ensure that the overall effect of both rings together is totally dazzling. This set is incredibly popular right now, and between the design and the price point, it’s not hard to see why. Between the two pieces, there is a total of 2.79 carats of diamonds on this 14k gold set.
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Prefer to buy her wedding ring and engagement ring at the same time? This elegant bridal set consists of a halo engagement ring, along with a wedding band that adds a semi-halo when paired with the engagement ring. Crafted in polished 14k white gold, with approximately 0.88 carats, this is a great deal on two rings.
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Asymmetrical rings are a great engagement gift option for the woman who loves high drama. Small details like the asymmetrical orientation of the shanks and the the minimalist use of prongs on the solitaire setting make this ring really memorable. It’s certain that she won’t know any other women with a ring quite like this. The only potential downside of an engagement ring like this is that it can be hard (but certainly not impossible) to match it with a wedding band. However, she can always opt to wear the wedding band on the opposite hand, as is sometimes done in other countries.
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When you’re shopping for yellow gold jewelry, you may encounter gold marked as 14k, 18k, or 24k. These are three of the most common types of gold. The “k” stands for karat. Gold is a very soft metal that can be dented or damaged when it is in a pure state. It is common to blend gold with other metals to make a ring that is more durable. One karat is equal to about 4.17% gold content, so the higher the karat number, the more pure the gold will be. However, pure gold isn’t necessarily what you want for an engagement ring. Pure gold, or 24k gold, could be scratched or bent with normal wear. 14k or 18k gold may actually be the best choices for engagement rings, since you want something that will last. If you’re shopping for yellow gold engagement rings, you can browse some options here, or check out three of our handpicked favorites below.
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If you lack the confidence to pick a ring out on your own, and your girlfriend doesn’t have any close girlfriends or family members that can help you with your hunt, you may want to choose a popular engagement ring style that is widely beloved by lots of different women. To put together this section of our list of the best engagement rings, we’ve scoured Amazon and selected rings that were the most wished-for or most frequently purchased. These are ring styles with universal appeal that nearly all women will love.
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Some art deco rings can be a little much for some women. Many art deco rings we’ve seen are quite large, to better showcase the classic lines of this art style. This vintage-inspired piece embraces Art Deco aesthetics like geometric shapes and symmetrical patterns, but keeps the overall size a bit more manageable. The band is 14k white gold, while the total carat weight is about a carat.

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