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Meet the Monsters of Jewelry: Tire Rings Gearhead? Monster truck master? Mechanic? You’ll love Titanium-Buzz’s collection of rubber-burning tire tread rings. These styles celebrate a love for the open road — the smell of burning fuel, the freedom of an untapped highway — and the adventures that keep your wheels spinning, so they’re a top-notch choice for the guy who loves to gun it. Each tire tread ring features a realistic tire tread imprint for an edgy, contemporary feel. We have a team of speed-loving jewelry designers on hand who forge them to achieve that inimitable tire tread texture. These tire treads are totally authentic and are modeled after the wheels of your favorite whips, including NASCAR racecars, off-road vehicles, mud boggers, dirt bikes, drag racers, and more. That’s why they make an awesome choice for those speed-loving guys who want to celebrate their mud bogger tires or honor their four-wheeled beast with a Ford or Chevy tire ring. In fact, these rings are so much like their real-life inspirations that we’ve even partnered up with Goodyear to create a collection of officially-licensed Goodyear tire rings. These above-the-cut tire wedding bands are modeled after actual Goodyear tires to ensure that they look and feel accurate to what you’d find on the road. You’ll be burning rubber in seconds flat in one of these smashing styles. The only thing that sets them apart from real tires besides their size is they’re made from super-tough metals for a lifetime of wear. Built with Unrivaled Quality Go ahead, kick the tires on our tread rings. These babies are rock-solid. They’re made from some of our favorite materials, including titanium, black zirconium, carbon fiber, and cobalt chrome. They’re pretty much guaranteed to endure your pavement-pounding lifestyle with jaw-dropping strength built into each one. If you’re all about lightweight style, pick up one of our many scratch-resistant titanium tire tread rings or an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber tire ring and get ready to hit the road. For all you grooms-to-be, you’ll want to gun it to the altar when you pick up one of our tire wedding rings for your big day. These ultra-contemporary styles celebrate your love for the open road with extra-cool designs that show your unique kind of gear-grinding love. You can take your wedding band up a few notches with one of our sweet gearhead rings, or get ready for a lifelong adventure with one of our motorcycle rings. Whatever you’re into, we’ve got a style for you. In fact, Titanium-Buzz is pretty much your one-stop shop for all car-related wedding rings. Whether you fancy yourself a dirt-lover looking for mud bogger rings or want to keep it classy with one of these super-sweet tire tread rings, you’re guaranteed to meet your match with our selection. Our team is staffed by a bunch of jewelry-making gearheads, so we’re always on the lookout for new styles that push the envelope. Fulfill Your Need for Speed Tire tread wedding rings are a great choice for the speed-loving groom-to-be’s big day. Share the love for the open road with your partner by choosing one of our tire tread wedding sets featuring his and her rings. If you’re the type of groom who prefers two wheels instead of four, we also carry dirt bike wedding rings for the motocross fanatic. No matter if you’re choosing a style for your wedding ring or everyday wear, Titanium-Buzz can help you personalize your ring. Customize your ring with a special date, initials or other dedication with our free engraving with up to 30 characters on most rings. Tread Rings in All Shapes and Sizes Titanium-Buzz takes the stress out of ring buying with hundreds of unique styles and easy returns. We know it can be daunting to buy rings online, so we make sizing simple, too. We have a large selection of ring sizes to choose from, including 1/4 sizes for select styles. Size exchanges are usually free if your ring doesn’t fit. Order your favorite tire tread ring style today to get the best of the road right at your fingertips. Got questions? We’ve got answers. Give us a call toll-free at 1-866-215-1861 or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you out.
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Ken Rice knows a wedding band can cost you your finger. When thrusting his grease-covered hands under the hoods of trucks and cars, the Edmonton mechanic has to be careful not to snag his titanium ring on any moving parts. He’s had many close calls in his shop, and has heard horror stories of the injuries that jewelry can cause. Edmonton mechanic Ken Rice is the founder and owner of the Original Man Band. (The Original Man Band) Now he’s trying his hand at a new business which aims to provide a solution. He’s created wedding bands made of medical grade silicone which, unlike traditional rings of gold and titanium, will give way under extreme pressure. “I have a titanium wedding band and if I have a hand injury or this thing gets caught, it’s taking my finger with it,” said Rice, the owner and founder of the Original Man Band. “If there is swelling involved, you can’t cut it, but this you can simply just cut off with a pair of scissors if you need to. “It takes to about 12 to 15 pounds of pulling strength to actually snap it. You’re not going to lose it on the daily but when required, it’s going to come off.” Although there are already companies in the United States fabricating the silicone rings, Rice said he’s the only one making them in Alberta. After coming across the idea last year, he started working on his own designs, and finally launched his online store last month. “It’s not a new product but there’s not really anyone in Canada … doing it so we thought it was a good opportunity to save some fingers and save some people some money too.” ‘We’re almost out and we’ve got more coming’ The rings, which retail for $25, are resistant to grease and dirt. They are designed for people in the trades. In many industries, jewelry is not allowed in the workplace because of the risk of injury. In the worst-case scenario, sudden pulling on a ring can result in a finger injury known as ring avulsion. It can occur when a ring gets caught up on a piece of equipment. The bones and tendons of the finger can become fully detached from the hand. Jimmy Fallon explains ring avulsion injury upon Tonight Show return Because of the hazards, many tradespeople often opt to leave their wedding bands at home. Though the silicone rings were initially designed with Alberta tradespeople in mind, Rice said he’s realized there is demand for his product outside the workplace. “Some people don’t want to travel with their fancy, expensive diamonds, especially if they’re going to the beach,” he said. “If you work out and you do CrossFit, and you’re doing pushups and using barbells, a ring can be damaged and damage your finger.” Ringfinder: Meet Edmonton’s metal detector master Though the rings are marketed as a manly accessory for the “hard-working, ring-wearing, beard-honouring man,” Rice will soon be launching a women’s line. Demand for the rings has been overwhelming. “We’re almost out and we’ve got more coming,” he said. “Ultimately, it’s a safety thing, but no one wants to sit through a safety lecture so we’re trying to have some fun with it.”
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This morning I stumbled across a story in Equipment World about Qalo silicone wedding bands, which can keep your fingers and hands safe on the jobsite. The story caught my eye because we recently published a piece about the widely varying amounts different state workers comp programs pay out for amputation injuries. My initial reaction to the ring story was to be skeptical, but then I remembered visiting the Knaack and Weather Guard plant last summer and being required to remove my wedding band before going onto the factory floor. I don’t remember if they made me wear hearing protection, safety glasses, or a hardhat. But the rule against rings stood out. It shouldn’t have; I’ve caught my ring on enough things to hurt my finger, but never enough to do serious damage. Not everyone is so lucky. I won’t go into all the things that can happen if a ring gets caught in machinery or snags on a piece of equipment. It’s enough to say the resulting injuries can be disabling and disfiguring. If you don’t believe me, do a Google image search of “wedding band + avulsion” or “wedding band + deglove” (it’d be best not to look if you have a weak stomach). These are terrible injuries and you don’t want them to happen to you. And it’s not just mechanical damage you need to look out for. Metal rings are electrically conductive and bad things can happen if they come into contact with electrical current. You could be electrocuted or suffer burns that could cost you a finger. An article in Road and Track refers to a mechanic, who accidentally bridged the terminals of a car battery with a wrench. His ring went super-hot and burned nearly all the way down to the bone; he was lucky not to lose the finger. There’s a reason why smart electricians and welders do not wear metal rings to work. Some married tradespeople are said to wear their wedding bands everywhere except the jobsite—a strategy that wouldn’t have worked for me because if I take a ring off I will eventually lose it. Other tradespeople wear rings made from nontraditional materials such as Kevlar, ceramic, or carbide. These materials are said to be electrically nonconductive but they can still get snagged and may be hard to cut off if your finger swells after an accident. Another possibility would be to wear a silicone band, like the $20 Qalo ring that inspired this post. They are nonconductive and if snagged, will come apart before your finger does. As a former tradesman, I like the crossed hammers that are molded into one of their models. If none of these ring options do it for you, and you truly believe in “till death do us part”, there is always a wedding band tattoo, which is nonconductive and can’t snag or get lost. For more on tradespeople and tattoos, see A Gallery of Hand Tool Tattoos. Courtesy of David Ledford; on Flickr

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