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Neil Lane’s jewelry designs are uniquely beautiful. One look, and it’s easy to see why his rings are worn by Hollywood’s biggest stars. Each hand-crafted ring is an original Neil Lane design, vintage-inspired yet contemporary in style, to celebrate Hollywood’s glamorous past and your remarkable future.
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Neil Lane: When I came to California in the late 1980’s, I had a little counter at a vintage mall called Antiquarius in Beverly Hills and I didn’t really know where I was within Los Angeles or even in relation to Hollywood. Barbra Streisand and Goldie Hawn were my first clients at that little counter. I never really liked diamonds per se, that really wasn’t my thing. Actually, I didn’t even like engagement rings – it’s kind of crazy. They were annoying to me! My expertise was in 19th century gold. But I really started looking and studying these Edwardian and Art Deco engagement rings and began to love them. I would study the detail – tiny little diamonds, curves, millgrain, unusual stones, and I was fascinated.
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The Engagement Ring: Bristowe made The Bachelorette history by wearing the most expensive engagement ring so far on the 12-year-old show. The 3.5-carat Neil Lane round-cut sparkler with a twisted diamond-encrusted band is reportedly valued at $150,000! And according to People, Lane knew he created Bristowe’s dream ring.
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The Ring: Even though Rehn was the first Bachelorette to tie the knot, she was also the first to lose her original round-cut engagement ring (but got another!). And for her 10-year wedding anniversary vow renewal, Neil Lane upgraded her to a new emerald-cut diamond surrounded by a halo and twisted band with 208 diamonds in total. And since her favorite color is pink, 16 of those diamonds are pink and sit on each side of the center stone.
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The Ring: When Lowe proposed to Giudici in Thailand, he should have given her a pair of sunglasses as well, since the 3.15-carat Neil Lane engagement ring he chose featured a sparkling cushion-cut diamond surrounded by 164 smaller diamonds.
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For this post, we turn to guest blogger and industry veteran Dawn Moore, who mined her contacts to get an exclusive interview with Neil Lane. Read on to learn how humble beginnings, a chance encounter in Paris and a life-long love affair with antique jewelry made him one of the most sought-after engagement ring designers in the industry.
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Neil Lane: Because I loved the flea market! As a teenager in Brooklyn, I was fascinated by what people threw out. I grew up in a house with antiques. My father would say, “Be careful, that’s expensive!” So I had this concept that older objects were more valuable. I was in high school and I was exhibiting at the Brooklyn Museum.
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Neil Lane: Shape, shape, shape. I’m a very visual person. Shapes inform me, they teach me. A lot of the cuts today are based on the yield, but they didn’t have that technology 100 years ago, so some of the diamonds are much more lumpy and imperfect – they have character. So when you find an Asscher cut from the 1920’s, there is much diamond material above the girdle and when you look into it you can see eternity. I just fall in love with these old diamonds.
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“Ben wanted to learn all about the diamonds and he liked the shape, the radiant cut and geometric, Art Deco vibe,” Lane told the outlet. “It makes a strong statement with all the details and of course it sparkles every way you look at it.”
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Is the ring still on her finger? Yes, but it doesn’t look like they’ll be tying the knot anytime soon. “We haven’t talked about wedding plans,” Viall tells People. “We’re totally okay with it. We don’t feel the pressure.”
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Is the ring still on her finger? Yes! Bristowe recently told People, “We’re just terrible at planning things together. We’re kind of just like, ‘When it happens, it happens.’ We’re so busy, we don’t have the time to sit down and plan a wedding, but it if someone wants to plan it for us, we’re open! I’d get married tomorrow if someone just said, ‘Show up here at this time.'”

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