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Nerdy Wedding Rings

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Because we love it when the geek gets the girl. Or when the girl geek gets the guy. Or when they’re both geeks and they share a geeky love together. So when we saw these adorkable wedding rings, we knew it was true love. From Star Wars to Spiderman to Lego, there’s an option for every fandom.
nerdy wedding rings 1

13. Han and Leia We’ll let you two fight over who gets to wear the “I know” half of this pair of rings, featuring some of the most famous lines in the Star Wars series. Image: Imgur, timmanb
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When two geeks fall in love and want to tie the knot, more than just two families are joined. Two fandoms become intertwined — it’s like a crossover episode, but it lasts a lot longer than an hour. While you likely can’t get married in a TARDIS or on the Enterprise bridge, you can show your other half that you fully embrace their inner geek with one of these gorgeous and fun engagement rings.
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This Star Wars-inspired engagement ring set takes two of the ultimate weapons in the universe, the Death Star and a lightsaber, to make an explosive pair of rings. Etsy seller SwankMetalsmithing sells this set for $1425.

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