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It appears that President Obama keeps his left-hand naked because he wants to keep his most precious valuable safe, and doesn't want to risk anything happening to his wedding band. A video recently surfaced on the Washington Post of President Obama discreetly slipping off his wedding ring and placing it in his pocket as he approached a small crowd to shake hands—seemingly indicating that he wants to keep it close and out of any potential harm's way. (Like snatchers or who-knows-what-else. People be crazy.) Even with all of the Secret Service agents surrounding him, Obama still takes the utmost precautions with his beloved wedding ring. How's that for a sweet husband?
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As WND notes, a 2009 New York Times article claims that Obama’s ring did, indeed, come from Indonesia. The description reads, “Michelle’s was traditional, but Barack’s was an intricate gold design from Indonesia, where he had lived as a boy.” While the article doesn’t note that Obama purportedly wore the ring years before his wedding, it does seem to corroborate the notion that it came from the nation that Obama once called home.
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spelling out the first part of the Shahada, the Islamic declaration of faith: “There is no god except Allah.” (The full phrase is “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is the messenger of Allah”; Barack Obama’s gold band allegedly includes only the first half of the sentence.) Such a claim would seemingly confirm long-standing rumors that Barack Obama is not a Christian, as he professes, but a Muslim. (Barack Obama reportedly obtained the ring from Indonesia, where he lived for few years during his childhood.)
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In Western cultures, a married person wears his or her wedding ring on the ring or 4th finger. Indeed, the married Barack Obama wears a gold ring on his ring finger.
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While the academic contends that Obama may be wearing a ring that publicly pronounces a belief in one God, gold, in some areas of the Middle East, is not a metal that many Muslim men are permitted to wear. Thus, by some standards and in certain localities Obama’s ring would disqualify him from entering a mosque or even participating in worship — theoretically, speaking.
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It is believed that, while he was a student at Occidental, Obama traveled to (Islamic) Pakistan in 1981, where he stayed for 3 months. Those photos of Obama wearing the Shahada ring at Occidental were taken in 1981.
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As WND reported in July, previously published photos have shown Obama wearing a gold band on his wedding-ring finger continuously from 1981 at Occidental, through graduation at Columbia in 1983, in a visit to Africa in 1988 and during his time at Harvard from 1988 to 1991. But none, until now, have displayed the ring with enough detail to identify it as the one he currently is wearing.
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As the leader of the free world, President Obama does a lot of handshaking and high-fiving. (Putin, we are not looking at you.) That being said, he has made the wedding world proud with our latest discovery — the fact that he takes off his wedding ring every time he shakes hands with someone.
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Obama’s ring, however, was off his finger long before he stepped on the course. He was photographed on Friday signing highway funding legislation and was not wearing his ring.
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In discussing potential motivations for wearing the ring, if, indeed, its description is accurate, Asani entertained the notion that a relative might have given it to Obama — a theory that TheBlaze posited during the interview. Asani, who was born in Kenya, described having a similar situation in which his father gave him a gold ring that belonged to his grandfather — a piece of jewelry that he still wears today.
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Here’s a pic of Obama allegedly (not!) with his maternal grandparents, when he was a student at Columbia University (1981-83). Once again, he was wearing a “wedding ring”.
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Some critics will likely seize upon this article to claim that Obama is a Muslim and that this is the proof that’s needed to out his purportedly secretly-held faith. After all, the alleged phrase that some claim is in the ring’s design is part of the shahada, the First Pillar of Islam and the declaration of belief that adherents must accept in order to be counted as Muslims.
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It’s important to note, though, that “Allah” — at least in this instance — is more closely translated to mean “God.” Thus, a more accurate interpretation is, “There is no god but God.” The second part of the shahada is “Muhammad is the prophet of God.” This latter portion is not said to be present on Obama’s ring (the shahada in its entirety reads, “There is no god but God and Muhammad is the prophet of God”).
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Critics should probably take pause, though — particularly those making the jump to claim that the ring is somehow slam-dunk proof of Obama’s supposed devotion to the Islamic faith. This first part of the shahada, though specific to Islam, is a tenet that any monotheistic adherent can relate to. Furthermore, some critics claim that using the word “Allah” as WND (and as many others generally do) tends to make it unfairly seem as though the saying is exclusive to Islam.
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Knowing that these elements were at play, TheBlaze decided to speak with experts at some of America’s leading universities. One academic, a professor at Duke University, provided a candid assessment, but asked to remain off-the-record. Based on the images and analysis present in the WND report, he said that the script present on Obama’s ring appears to be Arabic and that it does, indeed, include the first portion of the shahada.
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That in mind, the professor said that he believes the president’s claims that he is a Christian and that the purpose for the ring might be more rooted in other sentiments that lay outside of the Islamic religious tradition. In fact, some individuals wear rings similar to Obama’s for personal protection, he said.
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Unlike the Duke expert, Asani said that he had not seen any other rings reminiscent of Obama’s (pending the shadada truly is inscribed in the ring). “Usually the calligraphy is not part of the design itself,” he explained.
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Obama, who was at Camp David in Maryland on Sunday, arrived back at the White House and was photographed by the Associated Press without a ring on his hand. He was playing golf earlier in the day to celebrate his birthday, which comes this Tuesday.
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After celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary this year, it's only natural that we should look back on their beautiful nuptials, which took place in the Windy City. The couple got married on October 3, 1992, saying “I do” at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Mrs. Obama's brother walked her down the aisle, and the president's brother served as best man. The reception was held at the South Shore Cultural Center, and the lovebirds danced to “You and I” for their first dance as newlyweds. FLOTUS donned an off-the-shoulder long-sleeved gown (might we say that she's totally Vera Wang Fall 2017 riiiight now?!) as well as statement drop pearl earrings, channeling a total '90s vibe, and we're not complaining.
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Meanwhile, first lady Michelle Obama has spent much of her summer away from the White House. She took her daughters on a trip to Europe in June, and she spent last week in Palm Springs. She was in California to attend the Special Olympics, but made an excursion out to the Coachella Valley and appears to have stayed at the Rancho Mirage, where she and her husband have stayed together in the past.
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This isn't the first time he's done this, per the Washington Post, and it appears that he is doing it to keep the ring safe. Even though he is left-handed but still shakes hands with his right hand, he doesn't want to put his precious ring in harm's way or risk someone snatching it. How's that for sweet and thoughtful husband?
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If the ring were said to have the second portion of the shahada, then eyebrows would likely raise a bit more. After all, Muhammad is confined to Islam and such a statement being present on jewelry would certainly be indicative of Islamic inclination.
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“Let’s suppose he is wearing a ring that says ‘there is no god but God,’ ‘there are no deities but God,’ ‘nothing is worthy of being worshipped in the universe accept God.’ What that would mean is the president is a monotheist,” Bhala said. “He believes in a single God. He’s in the abrahamic tradition of Jews, Christians and Muslims.”
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So, it seems the situation is a complicated one. Regardless of where one stands, learning the true history behind the ring and the president’s reasoning for continuing to wear it would be a fascinating feat.

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