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These rings are all so beautiful! I love how places like Etsy makes it possible to find these kinds of rings. I’m not even a person who dreams of getting married, but I might make an exception if I get a ring like this out of it, haha. My favorite is probably the LotR ones from Jens Hansen; not because it’s my favorite fandom, but because I love the inscription.
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Because we love it when the geek gets the girl. Or when the girl geek gets the guy. Or when they’re both geeks and they share a geeky love together. So when we saw these adorkable wedding rings, we knew it was true love. From Star Wars to Spiderman to Lego, there’s an option for every fandom.
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13. Han and Leia We’ll let you two fight over who gets to wear the “I know” half of this pair of rings, featuring some of the most famous lines in the Star Wars series. Image: Imgur, timmanb
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It’s hard to choose a favorite based on the sheer fact that they all are nerdy and awesome in some way. I think Takayas did an excellent job on the creation of the Legend of Zelda ring. The ring is truly geeky but also very chic at the same time. Or how about the Lord of the Rings bands from Jens Hansen- the Elvish inscription translates into: “One ring to show our love, One ring to bind us, One ring to seal our love, And forever to entwine us.” Lastly, while I’m not the biggest fan of Dragon Ball Z myself, I absolutely love Zander’s Creations ring. I feel the design beautifully marries (no pun intended) elegance with nerdiness! If you had to pick, which ring would be the one ring to rule your heart?!

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